Yarn Dyed Fabrics & Plain Dyed Fabrics

The techniques of dyeing in textile industry are mainly including YARN DYED, PLAIN DYED and PRINT. Printing designs on fabric is similar to printing on paper, so the reverse side of printing fabrics has no color/pattern. Yarn dyed and plain dyed fabric have color on both side. In this article, we are going to see the difference between yarn dyed fabric and plain dyed fabric.


Yarn dyed fabrics are dyed before they weave together, as we can see from its name: yarn dyed. And then we weave these dyed yarn together to form a pattern, usually stripe and plaid/check. So most of the men’s shirts in stripe and plaid/check we see generally are made by yarn dyed fabrics, for it has a better color fastness and looks more three-dimensional than piece dyed fabric in the same condition.


Plain dyed (also called piece dyed) fabrics are those finished by dyeing the grey fabrics, which means the fabrics are dyed after they get woven. Generally, the technique of plain dyed is simpler than yarn dyed, and it’s more efficient than yarn dye. Plain dyed is used primarily for fabrics that are to be a solid color. The color fastness of plain dyed fabric is not as good as yarn dyed fabric in the same condition, but it’s still good enough for daily use.