Cotton Twill Fabric

We provide quality cotton twill fabric for shirt and blouse, with different solid colors and 100% cotton material wholesale. Our twill fabric is strong and durable. Twill is one of the three basic types of weaves along with plain and satin. We are cotton twill fabric wholesaler, all of the twill fabric is in stock. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Twill is detailed and elaborate, with a pattern of diagonal textile. Twill fabrics are generally stronger (thicker) and less transparent than the same quality of broad cloth. Twill fabrics are also generally shinier and softer in some ways than broad or knitted fabrics. This is because twill always has high yarn count, it can make fabric opaque, thick and durable. We can also use multiple color  yarn to make twill fabric in different color design.

Our twill fabric usually use cotton material, but sometimes we will blend some spandex (about 3%) to make the fabric stretchy. In twill weave, the weft thread is woven over one or more warp threads and then under one or more warp threads. Each row is offset from the one above, therefore it become beautiful  natural and regular diagonal patterns.

Due to the strong and durable characteristic, twill fabric always use for jeans, pants and work clothing. We provide cotton twill fabric for shirt and blouse, also for trousers. If you want to buy twill cotton fabric wholesale, skygen will be the best choice you have looked for.