Dobby Fabric

Here provide a variety of dobby fabric, with cotton fiber or blended with spandex. Our company is in Guangzhou, China and we provide dobby cloth for many years. The quality of our dobby woven fabric is reliable. We are dobby fabric wholesaler with rich experience, every dobby fabric is in-stock, so if you are interested in dobby material, just feel free to contact us for more product details and more design.

Dobby weaving is a weaving method in which the fabric changes the warp and weft thread structure to form a pattern during weaving. The fabric woven by this weaving method presents a unique geometric structure, soft and delicate texture, smooth, good drapability and air permeability, and high color fastness. Dobby is usually arranged in plain weave. It is more texture than plain weave fabric, more flexible and more versatile, slight stretch and resistant to creasing. Dobby fabrics usually have more fine and delicate patterns than jacquard fabrics.

Dobby weaves are best used for simple geometric patterns because of the limitations of the harnesses. Many different patterns can be created on a dobby material. The designs created on a dobby fabric are much less complex than a jacquard pattern. We provide beautiful and quality dobby fabric for shirt or trousers, with 100% cotton fiber and a variety of beautiful patterns design, they are very worth to buy. We are always concern about our customers requirement and may satisfy your demands.