Windowpane Check

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When a check pattern contains larger squares, the pattern may be called a windowpane, meaning a window with split panes, which is rarer today than it used to be. Windowpane seems to have made a comeback in recent years, but true men's wear fans know it's a classic style that's been around for a long time. It is a pattern similar to the pattern on a window pane. The stripes that form the plaid are usually thicker and farther apart than the pattern of plaid. Although similar to a check pattern, the grid formed by the intersecting lines of a Windowpane usually produces a rectangle rather than a complete square. These rectangles are always longer vertically, taller rather than wider, which creates a subtle sense of elevation for the wearer.

The lines that form a Windowpane can be soft, they can be intense, they can be separate, they can even be double. The way a Windowpane's colors and lines are defined determines how thick or conservative the results are. Bright solid lines are more assertive than dark ones. The density of the box also makes a difference. If a coat has large plaid, it may be more conservative than a coat with lots of plaid.