Linen Fabric

In recent years, linen fabric is getting more and more popular using in people’s clothes or other household items. Linen fabric feels soft and the surface texture is special. Skygen provide soft linen fabric for shirt and blouse or trousers, these linen apparel fabric are very suitable to make shirt or other clothes. As we are one of the linen fabric wholesale suppliers in China, feel free to contact us for more product details and more design.

Linen, is characterized by many hemp sections, rough style, stiff cloth, breathable, strong moisture absorption and moisture discharge, cool and comfortable wearing, but easy to wrinkle. Therefore we usually blend some other fiber into linen to make it anti-wrinkle, like polyester, viscose and cotton. Linen fabric because of its good moisture absorption, no static electricity, warmth retention property is strong, high tensile resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, soft luster, soft fiber and so on characteristics and holiness, generous, health, natural style, also due to its output is not high, so that in people’s impression formed the concept of “linen equals to high-grade”.

After people wearing wool, cotton, chemical fiber clothes, they tends to return to uncut jade natural style, the queen of fiber – linen fiber products are suitable for this demand of people. Thus, the world from the early 80’s set off “flax fever”, into the history of flax textile industry in the second prosperous period.