Check Fabric

Skygen offers a large range of 100% cotton yarn dyed check fabric (also called plaid fabric in North America), including tartan fabric, gingham fabric, buffalo plaid fabric, checked flannel fabric etc. Most of our checked fabrics are of light weight at 100-130gsm. And they are suitable for shirts, blouses and dresses. For better quality and handfeeling, we adopt fine cotton combed yarn to weave, and all cotton check fabric are of mercerized finishing. Additionally, we use indigo yarn and melange yarn to create a special fabric effect. We release new check shirt fabric every month with 3000m per color instock. Furthermore our MCQ is 1 roll (about 120m). Work with us and enjoy factory wholesale price. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Check (also known as plaid) pattern is popular no matter what time it is, because it is a symbol of generosity and simplicity. Check clothes are very well reflected a kind of contracted style, make whole person looks clean and neat, contracted and generous.

As a geometric decorative pattern, check pattern has been widely used in the textile field, not only because of its technological characteristics, but also because of its aesthetic characteristics and special cultural connotation. The color depth of the check pattern, spacing ratio, color rhythm formation and the ratio of grid face to grid face are all important factors that affect the vision, and also important elements that form the aesthetic characteristics of check pattern. Yarn dyed check fabric uses yarns of different colors to cooperate with the fabric to form a variety of beautiful plaid patterns. The color fastness is also good because the dye is permeable by the original yarn.