Geometric Print Fabric

Skygen provide different kinds of fashion and modern geometric print fabric. We offer geometric print cotton fabric, linen material or other fiber are also available, you can choose what material you want. Also you can provide your own design. We are wholesale fabric supplier for many years and the process is mature. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

A geometric pattern is a decorative pattern in which the overall image presents a specific outline. From the appearance, the common geometric shapes are square, circle, triangle, polygon and so on. Geometric patterns have been loved by people since ancient times because of their simple, clear and decorative features. There are mainly five geometric elements in clothing: line, circle, square, triangle and geometric cutting. In modern fashion design, the use of geometric figures has reached a certain level, geometric figures are more and more people as a way to express personality. The biggest advantage of geometric design lies in again simple design will not appear drab. The integration of geometric elements makes the design and tailoring of clothing more in line with the aesthetics of human body, and adds a lot of unique aesthetic feeling. The geometric patterns in clothing design change different design techniques, interpretation of various themes, or avant-garde, fashion, or elegant, retro. In addition to being widely used by designers in the design of clothing patterns, geometric elements are also widely used in the style and shape of clothing.