Large Print Fabric

If you need large print fabric, you can come here. We provide different kinds of large scale print fabric just you want. All patterns like flowers, leaves, animals can print. Or you can provide your custom design. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Large pattern fabric usually can stand out one’s personality and personal style, it usually has rich and bright color, changeable patterns and unique design. Large pattern design also gives people enthusiastic, outgoing and vivacious feeling. This kind of large pattern printed fabric is usually popular in tropical or subtropical areas, can highlight the local people’s local conditions, is very enthusiastic and cheerful. Therefore our printing patterns mostly contain like large scale flowers, large scale leaves or trees (like coconut tree), large scale animals and so on, to express the ebullience breeding by the local nature environment. Also we have large paisley print fabric and abstract print fabric, to show different personality and feeling. As we are shirt fabric supplier, we use large print fabric on making shirt, which make the shirt has its own style. And in the last few years, whether it is the fashion brand in the show, or the trend brand on the street, everyone is quite fond of the large pattern shirt, it is becoming more and more popular. Our large pattern fabric always follow the latest fashion and with good quality, and show latest and most popular pattern designs.