Digital Printed Fabric

Digital printing, as the latest printing process, can directly printed in all colors. For example, Hawaiian style printing using digital printing process, will be more realistic, more “summer” style. Skygen provide digital printing fabric for different pattern just you like to print. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Digital printing is a printing process using digital technology. Digital printing technology is a kind of high and new technology product which integrates mechanical, computer, electronic and information technology with the continuous development of computer technology.

In terms of technology, digital printing is the best way to solve the problems in printing field. However, the cost and time consumed in plate making cannot meet the modern printing trend of small batch and many varieties. Therefore, digital printing without plate and pressure has been developed. The basic principle is the same as ink-jet printers.

The production process of digital printing is simply through a variety of digital means such as: Digital photos, images, or computer scanning, processing a variety of digital design to input computer, and then after processing by computer color printing system, a variety of special dyes (reactive, disperse, acid main coatings) are directly printed by the dedicated RIP software on a variety of fabrics or other media , and then after processing, In a variety of textile fabrics to obtain a variety of high precision printing products. This is why digital printing process can print out most of the patterns (especially special unique pattern) as you want.

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