Melange Fabric

Skygen provide good-looking and quality melange fabric with 100% cotton material. Melange cloth has its unique dyeing effect and give the fabric a rich layer of color. We offer melange fabric wholesale for many years and the process is mature. The melange material is very nice and proper to make shirts or other clothing. So if you are looking for unique melange fabric, Contact us for more product details and more design.

Melange fabric weave by melange yarn, which the fibers are first dyed into colored fibers, then mix two or more different color fibers thoroughly to weave special mix-color yarn. Melange yarn can make the hazy stereo effect and texture which plain dyed fabric can’t implement, and it is pollution-free to use and can control the color difference to the greatest extent. Melange yarns show various colors on the same yarn, rich, full and soft colors. The fabric woven with colored melange yarn has a hazy stereoscopic effect, the color is implicit, natural and hierarchical. The dyeing process of melange yarn is unique and has high technology content in fiber dyeing, color matching and multi-fiber blending. Shirts making by melange material are more and more popular for customers, especially in middle and high-grade clothing due to its special and unique effect. Skygen provide melange fabric for shirt and blouse, we have rich and professional experience in woven fabric industry for many years, it is a reliable choice for customers.