Cotton Sateen Fabric

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For a woven fabric with sateen weave structure, the surface of the fabric almost entirely consist of warp threads or weft threads,only one kind of the warp threads or weft threads are entirely full of the fabric surface. The cost of sateen fabric is higher than plain weave and twill weave fabric, the density of sateen fabric is higher and the fabric is stronger. And the sateen cloth surface is more smooth, delicate, soft feeling, good gloss, bright color, texture is tight and not easy to deformation, with excellent touch. Generally 40-60 yarn count. So if you carefully look at cotton satin fabrics you will vaguely see the fabric is with luster. If the filament yarn with good luster is used as the floating long thread, the luster and reflection of the fabric will be more prominent. When sateen fabric use for shirt, it will present very qualitative feeling. Skygen provide such good cotton sateen fabric to buy. We have engaged in sateen fabric wholesale business for many years, the quality of satin fabric is very guaranteed, you can rest assured to contact us for consultation and purchase satin fabric.