Cotton Oxford Fabric

Cotton oxford fabric from Skygen remain high quality and latest fashion around world. Oxford material often make of shirt and quality clothing who like to wear formal. Moreover we are oxford fabric wholesale supplier for many years and it is reliable. All of our oxford fabric are in-stock. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Oxford textiles are made of multiple weft threads interwoven with an equal number of warp threads. Oxford textiles are basket weave structure, usually use a single color thread interwoven with a single white thread, giving the oxford fabric a unique checkerboard effect.

Compared to the other weaves, oxford fabrics are stiff on hand-feeling, therefore it is  stronger and more durable than other woven fabric. Further more we offer oxford fabric with soft finishing process, so that the oxford fabric can be strong and soft feeling at the same time, will be more comfortable to wear. Oxford fabrics are popular in making men’s shirt for many years, it can offer comfortable wearing experience and fashion looking. The secret of the oxford shirt fabric continued appeal over 200 years and oxford shirt’s current status as a must-have in men’s wardrobes is that it is basic, but not just basic.

It’s a basic because it fits perfectly into all your pieces, retaining its presence without overtaking the focus. It’s not just basic because you can make it the finishing touch of any look you want. So if you are shirt making manufacture especially men’s shirt making manufacture, oxford fabric must be your best choice.

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