Paisley Print Fabric

We have different design of Paisley print fabric here. Paisley pattern is said to come from the “tree of life” in Hinduism — the bodhi leaf or seaweed leaf. It’s a special pattern that full of story. Large paisley print fabric and small paisley print fabric are offered here. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Through this mysterious pattern, you will get the feeling of “one flower, one leaf and one Tathagata” in Buddhism. The popularity of various retro and colorful national costumes continued for a whole decade, with Paisley patterns in particular favored. This highly decorative pattern is widely used. In the use of color is also very rich, can match dark, with light color; It can be gray, it can be bright; Can be monochrome or colorful. The paisley style is exotic and gorgeous, perfect for people with natural, romantic and dramatic styles. When plain cotton meets Paisley pattern, natural people wear the best. It is worth mentioning that Paisley pattern is a kind of pattern very suitable for men. It not only has a psychedelic beauty of hardness and softness at the same time, but also has a beautiful metaphor of “tree of life”. Paisley pattern has certain mythological color, retro pattern, hollow, density suitable, so that it is given with auspicious, beautiful, harmonious, continuous meaning. If a solid color  look is insipid, choose pattern printed to enrich the look. If you want to add a touch of mystery and glamour to a variety collection, the Paisley print fabrics are worth having.