Rayon Polyester

We provide rayon fabric (also usually called viscose) and rayon blend fabric in many different species, including rayon polyester, rayon spandex fabric and polyester rayon spandex blended. All of our rayon products are in-stock and good to buy, so just feel free to contact us for more product details and more design.

Rayon, also usually called viscose, is the commonly used regenerated cellulose fiber. It is soft and smooth in hand-feeling and has good fabric fall. Its moisture absorption is better than cotton, but its crease resistance and stability are poor. Blending with polyester can improve crease resistance and strength. Now rayon is being used more and more in clothing, its character is good dye-ability, high brightness and color fastness, comfortable to wear, moisture absorption close to cotton. It is best to make clothing fabric blended with chemical fiber, which can better strengthen the wrinkle-resistance and stability of clothing fabric, and is not easy to deformation like cotton. Our rayon fabric is blended with polyester, and spandex, which can increase the wrinkle-resistance and add some stretch, also can make the fabric more stable. Rayon is affordable, hand-feeling and functions similar to cotton, is a new type of good fabric for making shirts.
Customers’ demand for shirt fabrics is increasing, so that we will also continue to develop more kinds of rayon blended fabrics to meet the different needs of more customers on fabric. We have been in the fabric industry for many years, but we will continue to push ourselves to provide customers with a wider variety of high quality fabrics.