Abstract Print Fabric

Printed fabrics are getting more and more popular in cloth design, there are many different kinds of printed patterns like flowers, plants, geometric and so on. Among them abstract print fabric is the special and artistic one. We have in-stock abstract floral, abstract animal, abstract geometric or abstract art print design fabric, or you can provide your own design to us. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Abstract pattern is a pattern based on abstract graphics, which includes many styles.

(1) Modern art style. The use of modern art school painter’s conception and creativity, and the formation of the image design pattern.

(2) Visual artistic style. The word visual art has its roots in New York since 1963. It is a form of modern art that relies on geometric shapes, objects that break people’s conventions to form a vision, giving new and passionate art forms, which are gradually introduced in prints.

(3) Art Deco style. Seen in the 1920s, this is a new type of decorative print based on geometric patterns, similar to those found in camouflage, art style patterns.

The simulation design

Selection of people’s scenery, celebrity portraits, text marble, ink flow, stained glass style, Mosaic and other graphics, are mostly used to decorate creatures and all the images that truly reflect the original style, from astronomy to geographic, cartoons, poems, even fairy tales, popular graffiti and so on.

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