Gingham provided by Skygen are cotton gingham fabric, the check pattern is form by yarn dyed woven on plain weave. We are gingham check fabric 100% cotton suppliers and have been provided quality gingham fabric for many years. The process is mature and full of experience. Choose the gingham check fabric you like or offer your own design are both available. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Gingham is usually form with two color check pattern, the most popular form comes to red and white or blue and white. It is usually form as the same size of squares with two different colors. But different design can come to large gingham or small gingham. Because of it is yarn dyed fabric, gingham fabric look the same at both side. Gingham is popular using on shirt, blouse, dresses, or different kinds of furniture.

Gingham check is simple and generous, very easy to match with other clothes, very popular to every people. Designers also like to use this pattern in their designs. This pattern is very classic, appear for many years and never leave. This is because the uses of Gingham is very wide and they are loved by most of the people. If you find your dress-up is a little dull, try one gingham shirt inside your jacket to add some different color for your look.