Special Yarn

With the increasing pursuit of style and personality in the dress code, the innovations on the weave method or construction can no longer be enough. People attempt to find more different ways to make fabrics special. Therefore Special Yarns emerge. Here we are going to introduce 4 types of special yarns which are widely used in woven shirts fabrics.

  • Melange/Heather Yarn

    Melange yarn could be defined as the yarn produced by the combination of at least two or more than two fibers (whether of same type but different in color or type of fiber used is different). For example, if we mix 99% white cotton and 1% dyed cotton of any colour, then it will called melange yarn. Melange yarn can present multiple colours on one single yarn, which gives it a special effect


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  • Slub Yarn

   Slub yarn is spun intentionally to achieve an irregular shape, in terms of length and diameter. It’s now intentionally created to give more personality. It’s been commonly used in casual fashion wear for it’s thick and thin effect.

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  • Space Dyed Yarn

  Space dyed yarn is a type of special yarn, multiple colors are applied during the dyeing process, and its pattern may or may not repeat after a fixed interval.


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  • Colored Fiber Yarn

   Yarns with colored dots attached to the surface of the yarn are called colored fiber yarn. This color dots are generally made of colored fibers, and then added during the process of spinning after dyeing.

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