Skygen Linen Introduction

Linen fabric is stiff, absorbent and dries fast. Garments made of linen fabric are valued for the rough style brought by natural linen slub, exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather. In this regard, Skygen release a variety of linen & linen blending fabric of different weight.

Here is the linen products of Skygen Fabric.

Model : L01

L01 100% linen, it inherits all linen fiber’s feature: stiff, absorbent. Lo1 can be used in shirts, dress, etc., and it has 18 different colors.

Model : L02

L02 is cotton & linen interwoven fabric with a special slub feature. It is Soft and absorbent. L02 is suitable for dress, shirts, etc. L02 has 12 colors in total.

Model: L03

L03 is a blend of cotton and linen. L03 is a thin version of L02, they are similar in many ways except the weight. L03 has 12 colors.

Model: L04

Interweave with rayon/viscose and linen, L04 is soft and draping. L04 is suitable for dress and shirts, and it is of 175 gsm, so L04 also can be used in pants. L04 has 12 colors in total.

Model: L05

L05 is a blend with linen and viscose, our customer usually choose it for its special slub feature and soft character. L05 has 18 colors in total.

Model: L06

If you are looking for a stretch linen fabric, L06 would be an option for you. L06 is a blend of linen, viscose and spandex, making it a good material for slim fit and etc.. L06 has 10 colors in stock.

Model: L07

Linen is very easy to wrinkle, but the polyester provide L07 a good anti-wrinkle feature. L07 is good for making shirts and pants, etc.. It has 22 colors available.

Model: L08

L08 is linen tencel blending fabric. Tencel makes L08 softer, draping and anti-wrinkle. L08 has 13 colors in total.

Model: L09

L09 is a yarn dye, linen viscose blending fabric, it’s of draping and soft. L09 can be used in pants, shirts, etc. It has 7 colors available.

Model: L10

L10 is mainly designed for pants usage, for it has 240 gsm. Blending with viscose and spandex, L10 is soft and stretchable. L10 has 20 colors in total.

Model: L11

L11 is also suitable for pants, the washing finishing gives L11 a special look at the surface. And it blend with cotton and viscose, which makes L11 soft and absorbent. L11 has 50 colors available.