Stretch Cotton Fabric

Our stretch cotton fabric mainly blended cotton with spandex to make fabric stretchy. Stretch woven fabric maintaining the stability of the fabric, meanwhile increase the elasticity, so that the fabric is more comfortable to wear, most of it used in the production of tight clothing. We have been fabric wholesale supplier for many years and full of experience. If you need some stretch fabric to make clothes, you can choose around here. Want to know more? Contact us for more product details and more design.

Something about Spandex

Spandex is a kind of polyurethane fiber. Because of its excellent stretch, it is also known as elastic fiber. It has been widely used in clothing fabrics and has the characteristics of high elasticity. Blended with this material is to increase the elasticity and toughness. Spandex fabric is mainly used in the manufacture of tights wear, sportswear, protective belts and soles.

Spandex is ubiquitous in Skygen fabrics. For example, 3% spandex is added to each trouser fabric, so they are generally elastic, easy to activity, and comfortable to wear. In other fabrics there are also spandex, so that the fabric stretch is excellent, comfortable to wear, free movement.

Spandex increases the elasticity of fabric. It can be used in combination with a variety of fibers, natural or man-made, without changing the appearance and feeling of the fabric. For example, cotton blended with spandex not only have the advantages of comfort and air permeability of cotton fiber, but also take into account the characteristics of good elasticity and not easy deformation that cotton does not have, so that the fabric is more close-fitting, fit, soft and comfortable. Spandex also adds unique advantages to clothing: snug, easy to move and long – term shape.