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Special Yarn

Special Yarn With the increasing pursuit of style and personality in the dress code, the innovations on the weave method or construction can no longer be enough. People attempt to find more different ways to make fabrics special. Therefore Special Yarns emerge. Here we are going to introduce 4 types of special yarns which [...]

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Yarn Dyed Fabrics & Plain Dyed Fabrics.

The techniques of dyeing in textile industry are mainly including YARN DYED, PLAIN DYED and PRINT. Printing designs on fabric is similar to printing on paper, so the reverse side of printing fabrics has no color/pattern. Yarn dyed and plain dyed fabric have color on both side. In this article, we are going to see [...]

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Skygen Linen Introduction

Linen fabric is stiff, absorbent and dries fast. Garments made of linen fabric are valued for the rough style brought by natural linen slub, exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather. In this regard, Skygen release a variety of linen & linen blending fabric of different weight. Here is the linen products of Skygen Fabric. Model : [...]

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New Products Release

In this October, we release a few new shirting fabrics. They are all printing style fabric made of 100% cotton.The little floral pattern is playing a leading role in this collection, these fabric use piece dye with quality pigment for a reliable color fastness, they are very suitable for making comfort and stylish shirt. Please contact [...]

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Introduction of Different Fabric Materials

Introduction of Different Fabric Materials Fabric is woven by yarn,and yarn is an assembly of fibers. Fibers are classified by their chemical origin, falling into two groups or families: natural fibers and man made fibers.Figure 1 gives a breakdown of textile fibers by these groupings, and we are going to give you a [...]

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Different Weave Types of Woven Fabric

Different Weave Types of Woven Fabric What is weave? The weave is basically how the threads (called warp and weft) are actually put together to make a fabric. It affects the way a fabric looks,  feels and also where and when it should be used. These are some main weaves of woven fabric: [...]

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The Difference Between Woven & Knitted Fabric

Woven & Knit Fabric  Introduction of Weaves   When you go to a clothing store, do you notice the difference between shirts and T-shirts? When you touch them, you might feel that T-shirts are softer than shirts while shirts look more in shape, even when their material are both 100% cotton. The differences are [...]

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Shirting Fabric Collection (September 2017)

In this September, we release a few new shirt fabrics. There are solid color fabric, check fabric and strip fabric made of 100% cotton. The dobby weave is still playing a leading role in this collection , all of these fabric use yarn dye and piece dye with textured hand feeling, they are very [...]

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